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We'll work with you to minimize your risk on the road. Not only is road safety one of our top priorities, but we also think it's cool.
We choose Royal Enfield Motorcycles for all our Adventures around the world You choose Himalayan 400 or Classic 500
You can choose to hire our support van on the trip to ensure absolute peace of mind.
Bring your own camera gear or work with some of ours—you'll definitely want to snap some photos to show friends, grandma, or your jealous neighbor.

Why choose guided motorbike adventures?

There's nobody stopping you from doing a motorbike trip on your own. So why go with a guided trip?
When you travel with us, you'll make the absolute most of your trip. We've customized our tours after years of slogging through back roads to find the real hidden gems. We know the local culture and the language, which can make your life a million times easier. And we have the experience to get out of trouble and into fun.

You’re Covered

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're riding with a fully licensed and legally compliant company.


Assemble your team and choose from our selected tours or create your own custom tour.

Lead local guide

Road mechanics

Field medics

Support van

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When you travel with us, you get the benefit of our many years of knowledge and dedicated research. We can show you the best routes, the hidden treasures, the major tourist sights, the history and the natural beauty of Vietnam, and always know we can get into the hotel before dark.

We customise every tour depending on our groups ability, preferences, and of course the weather. We know the local culture, the best cuisine, and the best places to visit.

On a guided tour, you can let us look after the bike maintenance, the hotel bookings, the fuel, the snacks, water and supplies. Leaving you to just relax and enjoy your trip.

Having the support and care network our company put in place, means we can fix problems quickly and provide back up when its needed. Accidents can happen, but we’re ready when they do.

We’re bikers too, so we speak your language! But more importantly, we speak the local language too!

An experienced, English-speaking guide with first aid and mechanical experience will lead. Each trip will also have a local guide.

Each trip has its own descriptions, which tells you how far and what sort of terrain you'll encounter. We always make sure that trip is challenging, yet suitable to your capability.

The motorbike will be provided by Onyabike Adventures. We'll make sure you get the right one.

The pace depends on each stage and type of landscape during your trip. We'll ride to the conditions of the environment while respecting local laws and Vietnamese culture.

Luggage depends on the trip. On shorter trips you'll carry 15 kilos max on the bike rear rack. On longer trips your luggage may go in the support van if a support van is included in your trip. 

Our guides have senior first aid training and equipment. On some tours, there will be a support van with additional equipment including a registered paramedic. We will get you to medical assistance as quickly as possible. We have pre-planned within our tour routes the closest possible medical care. In the event your motorcycle is damaged we have spare parts for minor repairs. On tours with a support van there's one complete motorcycle on the van to allow you to continue if your bike can't be repaired. Check out our company policy regarding bike damage and waivers. 

Onyabike Adventures does not provide motorbike lessons. All motorcycle riders are required to provide evidence and a copy of their license from their country of origin and/or international driver's license indicating they're licensed to ride the motorcycle chosen for the tour. 

It's highly unlikely the motorcycle will be stolen as you're on a group tour supported and managed by our team. All bikes are covered by our insurance policies. 

When you're riding with us you'll need to be on one of our bikes carefully chosen for Vietnam's riding environment. 

Vietnam recognizes licenses compliant under International Driving Permit (IDP) regulations. Please check if your license in your country of origin is accepted for riding in Vietnam. In the event it isn't and/or you have a large-capacity license in your country of origin we can help you obtain your documents for Vietnam. 

Onyabike will cover your trip as per your itinerary from the moment you land. Flights to and from your point of origin will be covered by you. Alcohol and extra spending money are up to you. 

Onyabike Adventures will have available a day bag, jacket, helmet, and gloves for hire or purchase. Apart from that, we supply a wet weather suit, a rack, and straps. You're welcome to bring all your own riding gear if you wish. 

All riders are required to be fit and healthy to ride a motorcycle for which they're legally licensed. Anyone deemed to be a danger on the road due to drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to ride. 

Please check the itinerary of the tours for specific details as to the length of rides. We always ride during the day—no riding at night. We have plenty of stops and rest breaks for photography and fun. 

At Onyabike Adventures you'll stay at a unique blend of accommodation styles including farm stays, local family-run lodging, and well-appointed, comfortable hotels.  

We can accommodate up to 16 riders on any one trip. If you have additional people in your group they will be separated into different tour groups.